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Here you will be able to read real stories of real Moto Guzzis, written by the people that know them most...the owners! Click the thumbnails below! ...we just want to hear about Guzzis...your Guzzis...so get in touch at info@guzzista.com we will be delighted to feature your bike!

The featured bikes (click the thumbnail)

850 T3
California EV
350 NevadaJoe's Cali on the banks of the Loire
Ion's 850 T3
California EV 1100i
"Moechines" by Cyclegarden's Moe
'94 350cc NevadaTouring France
Dave's beautiful LMI

Cali Jackal Ion's 1100 Sport
TT Centenary

Dave's Le Mans MkI
The tragic case of "Claudia"
Ion's other beast
The Centenary TT
Guzzi Bob'a Le Mans MkIII
Doug's G5 cafe racer
'69 Ambassador restoration
Orson's tour of Galicia on a V11 Tenni
The current stable

Bob's Le Mans MkIII
Doug's G5 cafe racer
Ambassador restoration project
Orson's tour of Galicia
The current stable
Phil takes his 1100i Sport round Cadwell Park
Kevin's Cali 1100i - Squadra Guzzista
1200 8v Griso
Bill's V11 Le Mans
Mike's '79 CX 100 Le Mans
Paolo's awesome V7
Phil's 1100i Sport on the track
Kevin's California 1100i
Griso 1200cc 8v, a preview
Bill's V11 Le Mans
Mike's '79 CX100Paolo's stunning V7 loop frame Guzzi.
Keith's 1000S
The Ruptured Budgie Rally
Squadra Guzzista Autumn Ride
Neil's 1972 850GT
Moto Guzzi Bellagio
Ghezzi-Brian Furia Replica
Keith's unique 1000S
The Ruptured Budgie Rally
Squadra Guzzista Autumn Ride report
Neil's 1972 850GT
The Moto Guzzi BellagioGhezzi-Brian Furia Replica
Bill rides his V11 1200km to the old farts AGM in Canberra
Stelvio 1200cc 8v preview
New V7 Classic is previewed!
EICMA 2007 feature
NEC Bike Show 2007 Report
Features - Squadra Guzzista
Bill and the Old Farts AGM
Stelvio 1200cc 8v, a preview
V7 Classic, a preview
EICMA 2007
Gareth at the NEC bike show 2007
15000 kms report V7 Classic
Lake district Tour - Squadra Guzzista
Magni Sfida 1000S
Gareth writes about his Cali Vintage
RAT BIKES - Squadra Guzzista
Andy talks about the bikes that have influenced him
Andy's tour of the Lake District
Gareth's Magni Sfida
Gareth's California Vintage
Guzzi Ratbikes!
The bikes that influenced Andy
Andre's stunning Moto Guzzi T3 cafe racer - Squadra Guzzista
Coburn and Hughes marketing image, Squadra Guzzista the Moto Guzzi enthusiast community
Early Tonti Seat and Sidepanels for Later Calis - Squadra Guzzista
Capitano Italia. Squadra Guzzista the Moto Guzzi community
Fritz's gorgeous 850T3
Andre's stunning T3 cafe racer
Moto Guzzi importers, an exploration
How to fit early Tonti seat and panels to modern Calis
Capitano Italia
Fritz's gorgeous 850T3
Moto Guzzi 850GT California. Squadra Guzzista. The history of the California
Griso Decal in Detail.
Dave Richardson of Guzziology, an interview
Moto Guzzi Stelvio 12008v. Squadra Guzzista
Squadra Guzzista. Ghezzi-Brian Sport MonzaMoto Guzzi Stelvio
History of the Moto Guzzi California
Revlis' Griso, an Italian oddity in USA's Northwest!
Dave Richardson of Guzziology, an interview
Our first Stelvio! Guy writes about his dream machine!
Radical V11. The Ghezzi-Brian Sport Monza 1000James and his Stelvio
Incognito ;0) Moto Guzzi Superalce The Quiraing Squadra Guzzista, Moto Guzzi V7 ClassicFeatures - Squadra Guzzista
Nigel's views on visibility Superalce.
Born in battle
Ian's tour to Skye V7 Classic owner's reportWhy you should ride a bike
Features - Squadra Guzzista Features - Squadra Guzzista Features - Squadra Guzzista Features - Squadra GuzzistaMoto Guzzi GallettoJan and Christine in the USA 2009
Moto Guzzi V1000G5 review Breva 1100 in Suffolk A pensioner's 5000 mile tour Spaghetti Rally 20081952 192cc GallettoRoute 66 by Breva 750
Features - Squadra Guzzista Features - Squadra Guzzista Features - Squadra Guzzista Guzzi line upMoto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone
Awesome '77 850 Le Mans Imbil Rally 2008 850T cafe racer from Sweden Spring Ride 09 Ride ReportNuovo Falcone

In Galicia

Trip to Spain
Andy's better rear end

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